AI is taunted to look stupid, but it’s not a threat End-shutdown

  • Bill Gates told the FT that people try to make AI look stupid, but it wasn’t a threat to humans.
  • He said Bing still makes mistakes and says “crazy things” when repeatedly provoked.
  • Gates said the problem with AI was the people who controlled it, not the technology itself.

Bill Gates said that some people provoke artificial intelligence and make it look “stupid”, but it was not a threat to humans.

asked by a financial times journalist if he was concerned about the AI, Gates said he was “fine, there is no threat.”

“The technology that most people are playing with is a generation old,” he told the FT in a podcast posted on Thursday. “It’s version three compared to what’s built into Bing, which some journalists have and it’s going to open up more widely.”

His comments follow reports about Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing answering user questions in a creepy, human-like way. microsoft said in a blog post that Bing could be “triggered” into giving unexpected responses if users talk to it for a long time.

The Microsoft co-founder told the FT that Bing still makes mistakes and says “crazy things” but people have to “provoke it quite a bit.”

“It’s not clear who’s to blame, you know, if you sit down and provoke a bit,” Gates told the FT.

He said in the interview that he was heavily involved in Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI service, which uses Microsoft’s cloud computing technology to enable businesses to use AI tools like ChatGPT, according to a report. company press release.

But according to Gates, the main problem with AI is not that the AI ​​itself does things, but the people who control it. These groups can carry out cyberattacks or spoofing with the help of AI, he told the FT.

The AI ​​is expected to improve rapidly in terms of accuracy and capabilities over the next two years, Gates said in the interview.

Although he believes the AI ​​is set to trigger some job displacement, it will create more efficiencies, he told the FT. He added that AI is also projected to play an important role in renewable energy.

Representatives for Gates and Microsoft did not immediately respond to Insider’s request for comment.

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