Have you ever driven any of the 9 longest roads in the world? End-shutdown

The Trans-Canada Highway is the second longest national highway in the world, spanning 4,645 miles (7,476 kilometers) of the country and stretching from east to west, between the Atlantic and Pacific oceans. It links all the major cities and passes through all the Canadian provinces. Upon its completion in 1971, it was the longest continuous highway in the world.

Building a highway across Canada was not an easy task due to the country’s rugged terrain. in 1912, a group of car buffs offered a gold medal to anyone who could drive a car from Halifax to Vancouver. The first man to complete the challenge did so in two months, but he did not win the medal because much of the journey involved his car being tied to a wagon or on the deck of a ship. Today, the Trans-Canada Highway can be driven in 57 hours.

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