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Karl Soderlund, husband of Sally Jesse Raphael, dies at 90



Soderlund died of complications from Alzheimer’s disease.

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The Ringing Dead, John Mulaney, More



Each week, our TV and film experts will compile a list of the ten most important streaming programs for you to queue up. We don’t just work with streaming reviews or accrued clicks (though yes, we’ve studied streaming site charts), but instead with those selections that really deserve attention in a churning sea of ​​content. After all, there’s a lot out there and your time is valuable.

TI: 10. Diplomat (Series Netflix)

Keri Russell is back for a less collectively unsettling iteration of her old FX venues, but she’s still under pressure, teetering between a rocky career and a rocky marriage. Americans viewers should love this series not only because of the nostalgia factor, but also because of the mainstream-friendly storyline that fits perfectly with the dominance of streaming. Night agent on Netflix. That particular furore has finally died down, and now it’s time for Russell to dive into the attention he deserves.

TI: 10. Citadel (Amazon Prime Series)

bodyguard veteran Richard Madden leads the cast, which also stars Priyanka Chopra and Stanley Tucci, as well as White Lotus“Leo Woodall. Yes, more spying is on display here to grab the attention of the streaming world until Tom Cruise hits theaters for next Mission impossible Movie. Citadel far from being on par with that franchise, of course, but the series revolves around the power vacuum left by the collapse of a global spy agency, along with the memories of agents and operatives. They must return to their normal state, despite their amnesia, before the crime syndicate plugs the void.

9. Creek VI (Streaming Paramount movies on Paramount+)

Ghostface has finally shaken up this small world known as the Big Apple after following some survivors who dreamed of finding a clean slate. Right now, even dating apps are not safe in New York. In fact, they are not very safe in real life, which may be the most realistic thing about this entire franchise.

8th. Dave (FX series on hulu)

Awkwardness sells these days (just ask Nathan Fielder) and Dave Byrd is here to oblige (because he’s a damn good jock) as meta-rapper Lil Dickey, a character based on Byrd’s real life experience. In season 3, he dives into his first cross-country tour, which means awkwardness is taking America by storm. Luckily, Byrd will also appeal to you as you take an alternate route to learning about American culture in the weirdest way possible.

7. love death (HBO Max Series)

This show is unlucky enough to be Candy Montgomery’s second real-life dramatization in as many years. Hulu candies has already laid out the horrific ax murder that rocked the Texas community after Jessica Biel’s adulterous character took out her rage on her alleged girlfriend, played by Melanie Lynskey. The star power of Elizabeth Olsen and Jesse Plemons still shines here, and the way the story approaches its gruesome crimes really takes a different path, even if we already know how the story ends. Executive producer David E. Kelly along with Nicole Kidman, so you know if they think it deserves another take, then it’s worth it.

6. sweet tooth (Series Netflix)

The spicy slam dunk from Team Downey is back to add even more craziness after the Great Crash. Was the apocalypse ever so charming? Never. This is not Walkers or Infected, but a story about Hybrids and how the world just can’t handle them. Of course, there is also a virus, but let’s not talk about it. Instead, this somewhat convoluted tale follows Christian Convery’s Gus after he breaks up with Jeppard Nonso Anozie, and while their partnership is much missed, hopefully they find each other again.

5. Barry (HBO series airs on HBO Max)

Bill Hader’s brainchild is about to say goodbye to the world, and he’s kind of back to his last job. In fact, things are incredibly grim for its killer/actor, but luckily this series still does an amazing job of adding enough frivolity. Much of this has to do with Anthony Carrigan’s compelling performance as the perpetually disguised Noho Hank, and of course Henry Winkler remains a charismatic character as Gene. Too many favorite shows are ending this year, but there will always be potential successors.

4. Mrs Davis (Peacock series)

You might think you know what to expect from this story about a nun battling an omnipotent algorithm, but you have no idea. Betty Gilpin reteams with TV king Damon Lindelof in this amazing series that is a pleasure to watch. watchmanThe Lube Man series is on repeat. Simone of Gilpin embarks on a dizzying quest that cannot be described in detail here, but rest assured, the answers begin to appear immediately. Keep in mind that there are also a few questions along the way, and this first season will keep you guessing until a literal roller coaster appears. And that’s one of the least crazy things you’ll see on this show (which also features Margot Martindale as a drunken nun), so get down to business.

3. John Mulaney Baby Jay (Netflix stand up specially)

John Mulaney has no shortage of “inspirational” material from which he can draw inspiration in his life, and at the same time, there is a challenge to be funny. Mulaney has gone through rehab and divorce, is now in a relatively new relationship and has a baby, and that’s where he lands in this highly anticipated sequel. Kid Gorgeous at Radio City another The return of the child.

2. dead ringers (Amazon Prime Series)

The world may not think it needs a film adaptation of David Cronenberg’s 1988 film starring Jeremy Irons, but people want this show and they watch it. This time, Rachel Weisz portrays Gemini, two gynecologists who play God, essentially in a fertility clinic. The show walks a fine line, exposing its audience while also exploring the complexity of reproductive health. In addition, the twins’ personal lives are fraught with various complexities, and this series promises to never cease to be exciting.

1. succession (HBO series airs on HBO Max)

Last year’s pose was apparently meant to blow the deal, but in the process led to a potentially better outcome for Roy’s family. Then there is the issue of the Kill List and Matsson’s bloody habit, which could well be revisited in the remaining few episodes of the series. Meanwhile, Shiv is still pregnant and apparently she will be having dinner with Tom soon, and Kendall may have turned out to be the killer that his father always claimed wanted to see. Only a few episodes left somebody succeeds, so save this one.

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Citadel Review: Priyanka Chopra Jonas in Amazon Spy Thriller



If The Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power was Amazon’s attempt to give its Prime Video streaming service a homegrown version of Game of Thrones, then the new Citadel spy series is an attempt at Squid Games, Paper Heist, or Love Is Blind: a show with global appeal to match the reach of its platform, and a potential franchise that could support international spin-offs. The idea came not from a writer, director, or producer, but from Amazon Studios head Jennifer Salke, who approached AGBO, the production company of Anthony and Joe Russo, with a business plan in search of a creative concept.

As with the stunning Rings of Power, the cart-before-the-horse approach cannot fail to show up in the final product. Also evident is the reportedly chaotic production, which included extensive reshoots, a change in showrunner, and a shortened episode order. There are traces of this turmoil in the credits; the teleplay of the pilot is credited to at least five writers. But even if you’re not the type to read the IMDb page carefully, The Citadel’s origins are clear enough in execution: a volatile, standard nine-figure budget blockbuster that you’ll never notice. from cheap computer graphics.

Not that quality really matters to Amazon, which has already greenlit a second season of The Citadel, as well as satellite shows set in Italy and India. Theoretically, this English-language flagship will become the center of an entire interconnected universe. But a sprawling structure needs a solid foundation, and the one provided by Citadel is shaky at best.

The synopsis of The Citadel seems redundant. Although technically the story is original, it can be derived from a word cloud on the Wikipedia page for “spy thriller”. The official organization is an international syndicate dealing with Cold War threats such as nuclear weapons. His two top agents, Mason (Richard Madden) and Nadia (Priyanka Chopra Jonas), share a sexual tension conveyed by brain teasing instead of chemistry. (Her: “I’ll be gentle.” Him: “I get the feeling you don’t know how to be.”) They are assisted by a witty techie who mostly stays behind the scenes as they go up against the posh, icy Brit. These formulaic roles are played by Stanley Tucci and Lesley Manville, respectively, the only two actors who seem to be aware of all the stupidity around them and embellish it accordingly. If only the show shared their sense of humor.

There are traces of a stronger series in the background. Nation-state intelligence organizations, Tucci explains, “started wars, killed world leaders, and killed innocents,” which is why the Citadel was not founded to serve interests other than those of humanity. If The Citadel wants to get it, there is a vein of socio-political criticism there. However, the setup seems more like a cynical game of transnational appeal than a hard-edged look at actual surveillance work and the media that sugarcoats it. Manticore, a foil to the Citadel, is allegedly funded by a coalition of oligarchs, but acts more as a mandatory antagonist than a symbol of the damaging effects of excessive wealth. What else can you expect from a Jeff Bezos, Inc. product?

An unambitious cliché can at least be entertaining. Here again “Citadel” does not meet the very minimum. The opening scene, a fight on the train, echoes a scene from Madden’s hit series The Bodyguard, which only highlights how this version lacks tension and the actor’s unconvincing American accent. Episodes lasting less than 40 minutes each don’t prolong our agony, but important bits of context seem to get lost on the cutting room floor. Madness is trying to do the same thing and expecting different results; after Ring of Power, Amazon is once again trying to buy a global phenomenon without having the smarts to back it up. The store of everything has gone mad, and Citadel will certainly not be able to save it.

The first two episodes of The Citadel are now streaming on Amazon Prime Video, with new episodes coming out weekly on Fridays.

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Putin is exhausted



Vlad limited himself to watching channels.

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