Lori Lightfoot eliminated in Chicago mayoral race End-shutdown

Lori Lightfoot steps out as mayor of Chicago.

In Tuesday’s primary vote, Paul Vallas, a former Chicago police union-backed school director, garnered the most votes, while Brandon Johnson, a Chicago Teachers Union-backed Cook County commissioner, got the most votes. finished second.

With 89% of the votes counted, Mr. Vallas received 35.0% of the votes and Mr. Johnson 20.3%. Ms. Lightfoot finished in third place with 16.4%, while US Representative Jesus Garcia placed fourth in the nine-person primary with 13.8%.

Since no one obtained a majority, Vallas and Johnson will advance to a runoff on April 4.

The race is officially nonpartisan, but all the leading candidates are nominal Democrats and range from liberal to radical. Chicago hasn’t had a Republican mayor since “Big Bill” Thompson was an ally of Al Capone.

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