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A witch, an alchemist and a wrestler walk into a bar…

March 2023 is heating up with many exciting game releases. Resident Evil 4 Remake will modernize the horror classic with spectacular visuals, while Ryza Studio 3 is taking the open world series for the first time.

Also, we will get a new WarGames mode in WWE 2K23 and exploring the past of a certain witch in Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon. Here’s what you can expect from the March 2023 game lineup.

Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & The Secret Key (NSW, PS4, PS5, PC)

Image via Koei Tecmo

Editors: koei tecmo
Price: $59.99
Release date:
March 24th

First of all, the fan favorite. study The series takes its introductory steps into an open world, and sadly this will be the conclusion of Ryza’s story. Koei Tecmo seems to be stepping up the action with 11 playable characters, a perfect open world design with multiple biomes, and a great story involving the Universe Code. It will also have some fun alchemy mechanics, which makes the series stand out among the rest of the JRPG giants, such as Final Fantasy other Person. Ryza Studio 3 it was recently delayed a month. Hopefully the game is technically sound and will work great when the game is in the hands of players.

Bayonetta Origins: Cherry and the Lost Demon (NSW)

Bayonetta Origins Games March 2023
Image via Nintendo

Editors: Nintendo
Price: $59.99
Release date:
March 17

Coming out of nowhere in an early 2023 Nintendo Direct, Bayonetta Origins: Demon Cherry tells the origin story of the legendary witch. Cherry (her name hers before being called Bayonetta), along with hers her first Cheshire demon, is on a quest to save her mother with a power found in the forest. She will be solving puzzles and fighting fairies, even when she was a child. This game is likely to provide a fascinating backstory to the beloved witch in the Bayonetta series. There is an expectation of quality from this cult hit series, so hopefully, this game will deliver.

Resident Evil 4 Remake (PS5, PS4, XSX|S, PC)

Image via Capcom

Editors: Capcom
developers: Capcom
Price: $59.99
Release date: March 24th

One of the most prolific horror games ever made, resident evil 4, it will finally receive a new version in March. Similar to the two previous remakes of resident evil 2 other resident Evil 3, RE4 is getting a complete rework of its gameplay and graphics. The animation and texture quality is incredible, while the gameplay has been redesigned to suit more modern tastes. That means no more tank checks! Also, the annoying quick time events from the original have been removed entirely. Although Capcom’s attempts to recover resident evil 3 possibly disappointed fans, resident evil 4 Redo hopefully it can take over.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty (PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX|S, PC)

Where the Long Fallen Dynasty Games March 2023
Image via Koei Tecmo

Editors: koei tecmo
ninja team
Release date: March 3rd

After the tepid response from the audience to wild hearts (as per UK charts via playstation trophies), Koei Tecmo probably waits Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty it will be a success. This action RPG pits you against powerful bosses across the Three Kingdoms. Set in a dark fantasy interpretation of the late Han dynasty, you will engage enemies with swordplay based on Chinese martial arts. You will have access to multiple weapons like dual swords, glaives, a spear, a staff, and 14 other types. You will also be able to use magic such as fire and ice elemental abilities against your enemies. I wish this soulsas hits with the many Team NINJA fans of nioh There is also a demo if you are curious about this JRPG.

WWE 2K23 (PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX|S, PC)

WWE 2K23 March 2023 Games
Image via 2K

Editors: 2K
developers: Visual Concepts
Price: $59.99
Release date: March 17

Unlike the 2021-2022 season, WWE has been red hot over the last year with the return of Cody Rhodes, the championship reign of EST Bianca Belair, and the incredible retelling of the Bloodline event. with a little luck, WWE 2K23 It takes advantage of the hype that has been building towards Wrestlemania in 2023. The game features a new WarGames mode, which has two wrestling rings combined inside a cage. Also, the MyGM mode is getting a big update with new managers, match types, and more options for shows with four people instead of just two. Fighters like Logan Paul and original GOAT Bruno Sammartino also make the roster. It’s one of the March 2023 games that die-hard fans will want.

honorable mentions

Tchia Games March 2023
Image via Awaceb and Kepler Interactive

Fortunately, there is one up-and-coming indie that should be included on this list: Chia. It is an open world that has the titular character exploring the beautiful islands of the archipelago and sailing the seas. A nice mechanic in this game is that you can take control of any animal in the game. You can even learn the ukulele in Chia. It will connect to PS4, PS5, and the Epic Games Store on March 21.

Besides, Crime Boss: Rockay City It will arrive on consoles and PC (Epic Games Store) on March 28. Starring Hollywood talents like Chuck Norris and Michael Rooker, this crime-based first-person shooter has you planning heists, similar to payday The twist is that it has a roguelike mechanic as you defeat the enemy forces of the rival gangs and avoid the custody of Officer Norris. The action looks fun and having more cooperative experiences can only be a good thing.

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