Of course, Halsey wore a shade of fake face piercings for Fashion Week. End-shutdown

Celebrities are really going all out on beauty looks for Fashion Week this year, and while it’s hard to imagine anything being more extreme than Doja Cat’s glass-covered masterpiece, that doesn’t mean creativity is cancelled. Take Halsey’s bold beauty presentation at the Givenchy show for example. She gave viewers a reason to be green with envy over her green makeup and hair, not to mention a reason to wonder if the star went crazy in a piercing parlor at some point in the last 48 hours.

On Thursday, March 2, Halsey appeared to have at least seven new face piercing Coming to Givenchy: one bridge piercing, two surface teardrop piercings, one Medusa philtrum piercing, and three labret piercings below the lower lip.

However, upon closer inspection, the piercings are likely to be flat metallic gems placed cleverly glued into popular piercing locations. The finished product is great with no compromise or pain.

Even without the fake piercings, Halsey’s look is striking thanks to the About-Face Green Highlighter Eye Makeup. If I had to guess, we’re looking at the Shadowstick in AcidicLine Artist Eyeliner in electric slideand Matte fluid eye paint on everything now used as mascara. They kept the rest of the makeup soft and natural, but her hair was also green, a totally different shade. The wavy bob with pieced bangs starts in dark green at the roots and transitions to a slightly lighter hunter shade at the ends.

fake images

The piercings, and the green hair, were gone from Halsey. Bridgerton-Vivienne Westwood-inspired appearance on March 4th.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

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