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Among the thousands of protesters who turned out to demonstrate against the judicial reform on Monday, there were many children who expressed their concern about the consequences of the reform on their future.

“There are laws we don’t agree with because they destroy the country and hurt the people,” said Shay Goldman, 9, from Holon, who attended the Tel Aviv protest with her mother and older brother. “These are laws with which you can do bad things. I’m a little worried. I want to live in Israel when I grow up.”

“I want to live in Israel when I grow up.”

Shay Goldman

Who will take care of our rights?

Noa, 14, from Binyamina, attended the Tel Aviv protest with her five friends and from there they continued on to Jerusalem..

“I went to a talk where a law professor spoke,” he said. “I understood that the reform will damage the separation of authorities and democracy. Nobody is going to worry about my rights. The country will become a dictatorship. I want to tell the government that people care and I want to grow up in a country where I can do anything and be taken care of.”

The LGBTQ+ community is concerned

Jay, 15, came to the protest from Givat Ada..

Protesters demonstrate against judicial reform in Tel Aviv, Monday, February 20. (credit: AVSHALOM SASSONI/MAARIV)

“I’m afraid of the future here, they want to take power away from the Superior Court of Justice.”


“I’m trans and gay,” he said. “If they pass the [reform, I will be harmed. And of course, it’s not stable for the country. It’s inconceivable that criminals will have power. You cannot manage justice and politics together. I’m scared of the future here, they want to take the power away from the High Court of Justice.”

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