Samsung Medical Center achieves Stage 7 DIAM and EMRAM End-shutdown

Samsung Medical Center has achieved milestones in digital transformation, having been validated for the highest stages of both the HIMSS Digital Imaging Adoption Model and the Electronic Medical Records Adoption Model.

It is the first healthcare provider in the world to reach Stage 7 in the DIAM.

DIAM assesses an organization’s capabilities in delivering medical images, while EMRAM measures its EMR adoption and maturity.


During its DIAM Stage 7 validation, HIMSS recognized SMC as a “world leader” in digital pathology. “This is the most comprehensive use of integrated digital pathology we’ve seen,” said Andrew Pearce, HIMSS vice president of analytics and global advisory leader.

The organization highlighted the “excellent” use of structured reports across multiple different specialties and SMC’s “unique” approach to CDS for radiology exams. The hospital was also praised for its use of AI to determine patients in need of urgent medical attention during the height of the pandemic and the implementation of a text parser to ensure regular colonoscopies.

HIMSS expects SMC to continually scale its image analysis project “to a larger sample size with robust measurement of outcomes using the technology and comparisons with previous cases where it was not applied.”

Meanwhile, during its validation for EMRAM Stage 7, HIMSS was impressed with the many SMC innovations in addition to some examples it already saw in the hospital. Stage 6 Accreditation. These innovations include the use of chemotherapy dispensing robots to ensure precision and safety in the dispensing of mixed chemotherapy preparations and the use of 24-hour supply robots to maintain stocks throughout the hospital.

SMC was also praised for its use of AI, such as the MEWS advanced rules engine and another for pressure ulcer control and management, which made “excellent” use of its extensive database to impact clinical practice.

It was also praised for its “innovative” use of predictive models through its data-driven Communications and Operations Center to optimize the allocation of medical resources and personnel.

“All of these and other use cases are cementing SMC’s status as an advanced smart hospital and a world leader in the use of technology to improve care and outcomes,” Pearce shared.

According to HIMSS, where SMC can improve its EMR system from now on includes proactively seeking feedback and patient engagement to take its patient engagement strategy “to the next level”; apply user-centered design principles to enhance the user experience; and the introduction of a secure messaging system for hospitalized patients.


Following these validations, SMC has become a Stage 7 HIMSS Digital Maturity Model triple-certified hospital, in addition to its Stage 7 HIMSS Accreditation of the Infrastructure Adoption Model last year. He immediately worked towards these accreditations a few months after passing both Stage 6 EMRAM and DIAM.

SMC also recently underwent an assessment for the HIMSS Digital health indicator where it surpassed all global health systems in 2022 with a score of 365/400.


Jean-Hyoung Lee, IT Infrastructure Manager at SMC, shared his thoughts on the Stage 7 DIAM validation: “[Becoming] the first hospital in the world to reach DIAM Stage 7 has great meaning for us. he [shows] that our medical imaging information management system fully complies with international standards and is used efficiently with patient health as the top priority.”

“[This achievement] It will set the standard for other hospitals to follow and showcase SMC’s leadership in the adoption and integration of digital imaging.”

“Overall, this certification process is a very positive development that takes digital innovation a step further, demonstrating SMC’s dedication to using digital technology for business success and growth.”

Reaching EMRAM Stage 7, Sang-Seob Lee, Head of IT Operations at SMC, said, “The EMRAM validation was crucial for SMC as it demonstrates our commitment to providing high-quality patient care and utilizing technology to improve our health care services.

“The certification process involves a rigorous evaluation of our DARWIN EMR system, and achieving Stage 7 is strong evidence of the excellence of our system and the hard work of our entire team.”

Following these latest digital maturity validations, Seungho Lim, IT Planning Manager at SMC, shared some of his future plans: “Our goal is to create a global advanced smart hospital through digital health innovation. To achieve this, we We will build on the strong foundation established by HIMSS certifications and offer super-gap digital services that prioritize contactless communication and cutting-edge technology for core patient care activities to maximize quality of care and patient health management. patient safety for patients before and after treatment”.

“To further enhance our capabilities, we plan to pursue additional certifications such as AMAM for [our] data analysis system to reach the level of Stage 7”.

“As we strive to be at the forefront of digital health innovation, we are continually designing new digital services and building information systems that meet the global standards set by HIMSS.”

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