The Next ‘Pokemon’ Game Is The Opposite Of ‘Pokemon Go’ – Review Geek End-shutdown


you’ve spent a lot of time walking pokemon go. But the franchise’s next mobile app asks you to sit still and rest: it’s coming this summer, dream pokemon tracks your rest and matches you with sleeping monsters.

he dream pokemon app what initially revealed in 2019. We assumed the game would never come out, but Nintendo woke up the sleeping giant for its Pokémon Presents Event February 27. We have some new images, plus the promise that dream pokemon It will arrive “this summer”.

Now the premise here is pretty simple. You put your phone next to your bed as you go to sleep. Then, you wake up and turn on your phone (that shouldn’t be too hard). dream pokemon It will give you a rough estimate of how you slept, including a rating (noze, snooze, or sleep) and a note on loud noises that occurred during the night.

Sleep rating is important, as this is how you “collect” Pokemon in dream pokemon. It’s like Fitbit’s Sleep Profiles feature, which compares the quality of your sleep to that of an animal in the real world. Nintendo thinks this will help you “look forward to waking up in the morning”, which seems like a bit of a stretch, but I get the sentiment.

In addition, Nintendo announced a Pokemon Go Plus+ accessory (pronounced “Plus Plus”). You can use this accessory as your sleep tracker (it sings lullabies, creepy), but it also doubles as a pokemon go controller. (If you’ve used the original Go Plus, this one does the same thing. The only difference is that it allows you to use Ultra or Great Balls instead of the normal Pokeballs.)

sleep pokemon arrives this summer for iOS and Android. he Pokemon Go Plus+ The accessory will launch on July 14 for $55, so if you have kids, I suggest setting aside $10 on the first of every month to save.

Source: Nintendo

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