The Secessionist Fantasies of Marjorie Taylor Greene by Stephen Colbert Dismantle End-shutdown

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) is calling for a “national divorce” between red states and blue states in the United States, and Stephen Colbert is not impressed with her logic.

“Everyone I talk to says this,” Greene tweeted this week, to which the late show the host replied, “Yeah, everyone I talk to says this: me, my gun, the crazy woman screaming in the mirror who never stops crying; someone should take her gun away.”

And while “it sounds like Greene is advocating for the states to secede from the union,” Colbert explained that he insists that’s not the same as saying he wants “civil war.”

“Or she?” he asked, before playing a clip of her stating that the United States is “going in that direction.”

“Because you’re pushing him in that direction!” Colbert responded. You are the main spokesman for the civil war! This is like Sir Mix-a-Lot saying, ‘The last thing my anaconda wants is scones, honey, but he’s headed that way.’

As for Greene’s plan to prevent people moving from blue states to red states from voting, the host said: “Guess what? That’s the most unconstitutional idea I’ve ever heard.”

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