Vampire Survivors Best Characters Tier List End-shutdown


S+ level

Tier S+ includes the best characters from Vampire Survivors. These heroes are extremely powerful and can be used not only by experienced players but also by beginners. But the downside is that getting an S+ tier hero can take a lot of time and resources.

  • queen sigma
  • Red Death
  • big pants

queen sigma

Although Queen Sigma cannot collect golden eggs like other heroes in the game, she is still one of the most powerful characters and it would not be wrong to call her the best character without a doubt. She uses the Sword of Victory, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game. After leveling up, she gains +1% power and +1% growth, allowing her to become much more powerful. Queen Sigma’s main feature is her max health of 333 of hers, which makes her survive longer.

Red Death

Red Death is the fastest and scariest hero of Vampire Survivors. High speed makes this character well-suited for finding relic locations and fighting hidden bosses. Red Death uses the Death Coil which can easily be combined with Ax in the same run. The main feature of him is 20% Power increase and 100% Movement increase. These stats make Red Death one of the most powerful heroes in Vampire Survivors.

big pants

Big Trouser’s main feature is his main weapon: Candybox. Allows this character to choose any base weapon at the start. Additionally, this hero can get Extended Gold Rush and gains +1% Greed at all levels with no cap on the bonus.


Animal S

Avatar Infernas - Vampire Survivors Character

Tier S still includes powerful characters that can be used if you are looking for the best results when playing Vampire Survivors. The only difference between S tier and S+ tier is that S tier heroes have 1 or 2 weak points. S+ level characters have no weak points.

  • avatar hells
  • cosmos
  • Boros earnings
  • Gyorunton
  • Gives
  • fight it
  • blacksmith IV

avatar hells

Avatar Infernas is one of the more specific heroes in Vampire Survivors that can be unlocked by completing a particular Piano Puzzle. He uses Flames of Misspell, one of the most powerful weapons in the game. The main feature of Avatar Infernas are the substantial passive bonuses from him and the cooldown decrease when leveling up.


Although Cosmo looks cute, he is one of the deadliest heroes in Vampire Survivors. The main feature of this character is that he does not have a main weapon. So you have more customization options using Cosmo compared to other heroes.

Boros earnings

Gains Boros is a powerful dragon who uses the Heaven Sword as his main weapon. This character gains +2% growth each time he is leveled up, making Heaven Sword more powerful.


Gyorunton is another dragon in S tier. He uses the unique bracelet to kill enemies and has a special ability. Gyorunton can evolve weapons much faster than other heroes using Treasure Chest. Also, this hero has 300 Max Health, which is exceptionally high compared to the classic 100 Health Points.


Leda’s main weapon is the Holy Land, the enhanced version of the Magic Wand. She can equip both weapons for maximum effectiveness in the same run. Leda also has passive bonuses, which you can find below:

  • +5 armor
  • -20% movement speed
  • +100% Power
  • +10% Area
  • -10% cooldown
  • -80% Greed

fight it

Pugnala is a powerful character in Vampire Survivors who has two main weapons: Phiera Der Tuphello and Eight The Sparrow. The hero gains +1% power at each level and can be unlocked by opening a special coffin in Mad Forest. Also, you need to cast the “flymetothemon” spell in Forbidden Scrolls of Morbane to unlock this hero.

blacksmith IV

Smith IV is the scary character who uses Vandalier as his main weapon. This hero has +100% Luck and gets +1% Luck at all levels, which is a unique ability. And for such a decisive boost, Smith IV pays with his stats.


Animal A

Sir Ambrojoe character

Most of the A-tier heroes are quite powerful and have exciting abilities. From time to time, some A-tier heroes can seem even more powerful than S-tier ones. Feel free to use A-tier characters if you want to enjoy the game, but remember that there are always better characters to aim for.

  • Ambrojoe
  • Megalo Menya Lunar Enchantment
  • Megalo Syuuto Lunar Enchantment
  • concept
  • sheet music j-oni
  • Gav’Et-Oni
  • McCoy-Oni
  • Boon Marrabio
  • krochi
  • Moonspell Menya
  • Syuuto Moon Charm
  • Miang’s Moonspell


Ambrojoe is an easily attainable hero who uses La Robba as his primary weapon. This character has average stats and no special abilities, making him the best choice for beginners. We must take into account that the weapon looks a lot like a Kinder Egg; actually, we’re not sure if it’s an easter egg or not.


animal B

Vampire Survivors character Ark Ladonna

Tier B includes heroes perfectly suited for the early middle stages of the game. They are very accessible and can be unlocked even from the very beginning of the game. But speaking of effectiveness, it would be best to go for more powerful characters as soon as possible.

  • Ark
  • babi onna
  • christina
  • minnah
  • Mortaccio
  • o’sole
  • Peppino
  • poppea
  • holder
  • Zi’Assunta
  • missing NO


Arca is the most powerful character in Tier B. He uses Fire Wand and has 10% power. Additionally, this character has a 5% cooldown reduction every 10 levels with a cap of 15% at level 30. But like any other B-tier hero, Arca should be replaced with a higher-tier hero as soon as possible.


Animal C

Pixelated Antonio character, holding a whip

Tier C is the last tier that includes the worst Vampire Survivors characters. It is not recommended to use them even if you are a beginner. C-tier characters are too weak. None of them will get you far, so they are only viable for the first few levels and until you unlock the rest of the playable heroes.

  • anthony
  • gentleman
  • divano
  • dommario
  • genaro
  • imelda
  • pascualina
  • branch
  • Clerics
  • Exdash
  • rooster
  • Joanna
  • the MA
  • poe
  • toast
  • Random


Dommario can be a great choice for beginners due to its powerful defense and attack stats, but Dommario’s main downside is speed. He is one of the slowest characters in the game.

That’s it with the Vampire Survivors tier list. As you can see, the game has a significant diversity of exciting characters, and 3 of the best Vampire Survivors heroes are Queen Sigma, Red Death, and Big Trouser. While you’re still here, be sure to check out our list of the hardest mobile games.

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